The Taxi Commission, Robben Island and more

Next on our journey we had the Taxi commission where the same stenographer commented to one of the whistleblowers, watch out you will be taken out, and within  2 weeks he was dead.  What a sad time for us all.

We transcribed the Robben Island Museum/University of Connecticut joint venture for the veterans and the records at the Robben Island Museum are testimony to that.  At this time we met so many of the struggle members : it was incredible.

We had the commission for renaming streets in CT and we were on our way.

We have done countless high profile highly confidential hearings and transcriptions.  Some so sad and some so embarrassingly amusing but professionalism is always the key.

Our clients come from all over the world.  From Research into music in Zimbabwe, to research from Denmark and Sweden  Depositions through video links with America in private residences and even  on board battleships  – we were there.

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