The Truth Commission and tea with Desmond Tutu

Like any birth Veritas’ birth was amazing, shocking, exhilarating and tough.  What can you expect when the christening is with the Truth Commission.  A horrendous, sad, trying, traumatic but fulfilling. experience with transcribers typing through the night, earphones plugged into ears and tales of unbelievable hope, sadness  and fraught with agony causing tears to roll down without even knowing it.  During the process our most beloved Bishop Tutu had us for tea, with our visually impaired typists who were able to partake in this exercise as well as the old experienced typists.   We told him our tale and he hugged us and cajoled us as we felt we had been forgotten in this process, but years and years later at a breakfast talk we approached him and he remembered our exact words – typists typing in the night and tears running down their cheeks.  Justice Goldstone wrote us the most wonderful letter thanking us for our great service in one of his investigations.  A great moment that we celebrated thoroughly.

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