Hansard Contract

We are thrilled to have secured a contract to supply Hansard to the Western Cape Provisional Parliament. Although it comes with a huge learning curve for us, we are confident and ready for the challenge. Willem Fourie (ex National Parliament) is assisting with training new personnel in the production of the Hansard books so we are hugely excited with our move into this sphere. Up to this time the provision of Hansard has been the domain of a couple of people with all the translating, editing, etc. outsourced. Our aim is to train up a large team of well equipped personnel to learn about this very important aspect of our lives.

Xhosa Translations

We have recently employed Thobeka who is an experienced Xhosa typist and translation person. This will now be the first time in the Western Cape Provisional Parliament that Hansard will be produced in Xhosa as well as English and Afrikaans.

Welcomes and Farewells

Welcome Jackie Beckerleg.

With her wealth of experience in the Truth Commission among others things, Jackie is a very welcome addition to our staff. We look forward to her working with us for many years to come.

Farewell Pierre and welcome Sam and Michelle.

Pierre has left our Gauteng offices and management has been taken over by Sam and assisted by Michelle. Work is currently booming up there and they both have been enormous assets in making inroads into the difficult recording and transcription market in Gauteng. Well done!

2011 2nd Quarter Update

Appeals preparation has been and still is one of our key focus points in our quest to be the service provider of choice in the legal and human resources department.

Due to continuous growth in the appeals department we’ve had to appoint a new staff member to ensure effective and timeous delivery of appeals.

Welcome Ray…

Fantastic growth in the typing and transcription department saw the appointment of Tina to assist with a range of tasks ranging from streaming audio to our pool of typists to final proof reading of transcripts. It’s good to have you back Tina.

As a result of our recordings being mainly digital and the resources that were put in place to streamline this we are happy to announce our new ftp server enabling you to upload your audio file to. This exciting new service will assist with ensuring faster service and minimizing transport costs.

Please go to ftp://veritegauteng.dyndns.org:44444 to upload a file.

On the minute-taking side we now have a “same day” option whereby we can supply the minutes within a 3 hour period. Feel free to contact our offices to enquire about this new offering.

Pierre from our Pretoria office had to visit Durban again for the recording of disciplinary hearings. At this rate the possibility of opening a branch in KZN is becoming a priority.

We hope you had a wonderful Easter with your families and that everyone arrived home safely.


2011 is off with a zing…  Our fledgling branch in Gauteng hosted its first  event with a conference for the International Red Cross Society in Boksburg. All went smoothly and students were employed for the 2 days to assist with the proceedings. Thabisa had to be imported from Cape Town to assist with hearings and at the same time  train our new employee Lara. Lara will assist Pierre and manage the admin -  the office is already undergoing a needed face lift! Welcome Lara…

Meanwhile Iris and her team are run off their feet in the Cape. Implementing the latest digital recording and transcription technology has been top priority and now running smoothly.    The appeals division continues at an exciting rate with a substantial number  of appeals completed and lodged with the supreme court of appeal and the constitutional court. Remember Milli - our supa-dupa Appeals head is always here to assist and advise.  Some hugely contentious and drama filled tribunals and arbitrations have certainly got 2011 off to just the kind of dream start we all wish for.  We continue to service clients for hearings as far afield as Durban – Vredenburg – George.

Our Eastern Cape offices are still to feel the pressures of the start of 2011 and we certainly hope that clients will start making use of the up-to-date technology we offer countrywide.

New Beginnings

Veritas has gone under some changes this year.  Our Cape Town office moved up to the 7th floor from the 6th and we opened up a brand new office in Gauteng. Our IT boffin Pierre Botha also trans-located to run the new branch. Pierre has been busy with marketing the new venture and a number of accounts have been secured. Prospects look exciting for the New Year.

To meet an increased demand we have  also introduced a minute taking service nationally with new staff additions. In line with the latest in technological advances a lot of time and resources have been invested in streamlining our systems. This entails simplifying and improving existing services to our clients. i.e faster turn around time, better quality of recordings and investigating the possibility of a ‘same day service’.

Congratulations to the Eastern Cape branch with the ongoing Dept of Justice contract.

Veritas would like to wish all our clients and visitors to this site a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

New service of minute-taking

Veritas International is proud to announce that they now offer the service of minute-taking. This includes the recording and stenographer on site, as well as producing minutes from an existing audio recording.

Remember too our depositions by video link internationally.

The Taxi Commission, Robben Island and more

Next on our journey we had the Taxi commission where the same stenographer commented to one of the whistleblowers, watch out you will be taken out, and within  2 weeks he was dead.  What a sad time for us all.

We transcribed the Robben Island Museum/University of Connecticut joint venture for the veterans and the records at the Robben Island Museum are testimony to that.  At this time we met so many of the struggle members : it was incredible.

We had the commission for renaming streets in CT and we were on our way.

We have done countless high profile highly confidential hearings and transcriptions.  Some so sad and some so embarrassingly amusing but professionalism is always the key.

Our clients come from all over the world.  From Research into music in Zimbabwe, to research from Denmark and Sweden  Depositions through video links with America in private residences and even  on board battleships  – we were there.

Dullah Omar and Hansie Cronje

We continued our fight, through the late Dullah Omar who carried our cause to the Dept of Justice where the contract had not been advertised for 20 years and that was the awakening moment.  Veritas International, an all women, crazy company was in the public domain for the first time receiving the contract for Magistrates courts in the Eastern and Western Cape.

Rapidly following on this were the different commissions.  We quietly cried with Hansie Cronje as we recorded his memorable words.  We had to replace our stenographer as she was too emotional to continue.  How can words describe our emotions we faced head-on.

The Truth Commission and tea with Desmond Tutu

Like any birth Veritas’ birth was amazing, shocking, exhilarating and tough.  What can you expect when the christening is with the Truth Commission.  A horrendous, sad, trying, traumatic but fulfilling. experience with transcribers typing through the night, earphones plugged into ears and tales of unbelievable hope, sadness  and fraught with agony causing tears to roll down without even knowing it.  During the process our most beloved Bishop Tutu had us for tea, with our visually impaired typists who were able to partake in this exercise as well as the old experienced typists.   We told him our tale and he hugged us and cajoled us as we felt we had been forgotten in this process, but years and years later at a breakfast talk we approached him and he remembered our exact words – typists typing in the night and tears running down their cheeks.  Justice Goldstone wrote us the most wonderful letter thanking us for our great service in one of his investigations.  A great moment that we celebrated thoroughly.